In becoming a CERTIFIED REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST FOR SENIORS, I dedicated myself to providing the highest quality of care and knowledge to the senior consumer.


  • Help to determine the Best List Price for your home, based on the current market.
  • Offer a FREE professional Consultation for the best presentation of your home and help to stage/re-arrange if needed.
  • Find a Replacement home or facility.
  • Organize Estate Sale if needed before you move.
  • Obtain 3 Estimated from reputable movers and Help You Move.
  • Introduce the Newest, most Creative Marketing Strategies in order to sell your home at the Highest Dollar Amount.
  • Affectively deal with any buyer objectives, creating a Stress Free Transaction.
  • At the close of escrow, I will personally deliver your check to you.
  • Analyze and Advise on Reversed Mortgage Possibilities

Regina is looking forward to helping YOU with all your Real Estate Needs!

 “Regina Magid was exceedingly helpful in arranging all the details of the sale of my home. Regina has gone out of her way to do lots of extra work and has made my transition an easy one. I was lucky to have Regina Magid as my Real Estate representative.” – Thomas Wilson, Retiree  

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